An overview of works produced by Reykjavik films

The Flatey Enigma

TV Series (2018)

In 1972, Johanna returns to a remote Iceland where she has to deal with her deepest fear. International distribution: Sky Vision.

Love is Simply Love

Documentary (2018)

The world's first openly gay prime minister lead Iceland out of its worst economic disaster but her private life was even harder.

Storytell with Eva Maria

Documentary Series (2017)

The ancient art of telling a story is a live and kicking as Eva Maria Jonsdottir shows us as she travels around Iceland and tells stories.

Young Iceland

Documentary Series (2017)

Documentary series about being a teenager at different times in history. The culture of the young, fashion, love and music.

Storytell with Einar Kára

Documentary Series (2016)

We see that art of telling a story is well alive as author Einar Kárason travels around Iceland and tells us stories.

Johanna: The Last Battle

Documentary (2015)

In her final moths in office, the prime minister of Iceland tries to get parliament to pass a new Constitution.

Missing People

Documentary Series (2013)

A lot of people have dissappeared without a trace. A reporter investigates some of the most compelling cases.

The 18th Century

Documentary Series (2012)

Author Pétur Gunnarsson tells the history of Iceland in the 18th century in his own unique style and language.

The Lost Ship

Documentary (2009)

A German U-boat sank the wessel Godafoss in 1944, killing 42 people. Although the ship sank close to shore no one has been able to find it to this day.

I Hunt Men

TV Series (2008)

Drama series about Iceland's first serial killer. The cops that investigate do not get along but they have to work togeater to find the killer.

Cold Trail

Film (2006)

A movie about a journalist that goes to an isolated dam in the Icelandic highlands to investigate the death of his father.

Njals Saga

TV Series (2003)

Drama about a part of Njals saga, the most famous of the Icelandic sagas and a documentary about the storyes many meanings.